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Rainbow Watches!

There are more than 26 million Facebook user who have changed their profile pic to rainbow since the US fed court rule in favor of same sex marriage in June 2015. And of the most unlikeliest of places, A homosexual-themed TV show called Rainbow Family attracts similar number of viewers (24 millions) in China since its launch in last month , despite a limited online release only.

Which makes me wonders, at what point in time did the “Happy” community claimed the Rainbow to be their totem? Is that also the reason why there are so few rainbow color designes in the watch industry? On fears that it won’t appeal to the general public?

Of the major brands, I can only recall the following:


The G-Shock Man Box which came in a little robot that sold for about USD$200 in 2010, and re-issued again in 2013. This “limited” (don’t see the actual quantity mentioned anywhere) Nakano Shirou designed piece was listed as high as USD$1000+ in some Casio forum.



Another brand famous for it’s colorful plastic watch, the Swatch “Over the Rainbow” SFZ115S designed by french artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, released in 2011, this piece is interesting because the bracelet is made up of little Murano glass bead.


Comes in an interesting crystal ball package. Pretty!


Another Swatch, “Color the sky” GS124 which is still currently available.tumblr_mutrhptiBC1siuw4no1_1280


And how can I end the article without mentioning these two babies. The Rolex 116598RBOW & 116599RBOW in yellow and white gold. Rolex actually use Rainbow in their model naming, how cool is that! When I first saw one in person, I remember my initial thought was who in their right mind would wear something like that? But boy, how wrong was I! The going rate for these have almost doubled compare to their original list price, as supply of them have long dry up even when they were still listed as catalogued item. Rumor (and very likely true) is that it was extremely costly to source those 36 perfectly colored matched diamonds to make that rainbow bezel.


But then in this year Basel2015, Rolex came up with this, not exactly a Rainbow, but the Yellow/Green/Blue diamond combination actually makes it much more wearable. I almost want one if it weren’t for the Pearl master bracelet and the diamond hour markers.


Omega DSOM without the Darkside



Just found the below post on Facebook, a very good deal for a Column wheel Co-axial chronograph from one of the top Swiss manufacturer, it’s essentially a DSOM (Dark Side of the Moon) without the Darkside (Zirconium Dioxide Ceramic as Case/Crown/Pusher material to be exact).

Omega just announced earlier this month a White Side of the Moon in Basel 2015 also, but as the whole DLC/PVD trend fades, I think this steel version paying homage to the original ’57 version will stands the test of time very well.