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Rolex Enters Affluent New Born market

The undisputed leader of Swiss watch industry and the pioneer who brought the world the first water proof dive watch, the watch that display both the Date and day of week. Rolex is to enter into new market segment which targets the affluent new born market. In a leaked product photo, the over sized watch is believed to be made with a rubber bezel with gold dust compound. This time only reference will likely to house a movement from the existing lady range. Prices TBC.

Tag Heuer x G.E.M.

What is going on at Tag Heuer? Is JC Biver trying to make it the “Tissot” of LVMH? Is business really that bad? I am all for celebrity endorsement and certainly have nothing against G.E.M. but the whole video is a little too much for my taste, I don’t even know where to begin. Come on, cutting cheese on the Jungfrau* is just, well… Cheesy.  The giant Swiss and Chinese Flag in the background? A small group of Chinese fans just happen to be  waiting for there (Are they Swiss Chinese or did Tag paid for them to go as well?). The banner in the back should have said “Don’t Crack Me up”

And the worst part? The watch that G.E.M was holding under close up at the 0:30” mark was a Quartz with Gem (sorry for the pun)! An ugly one as well. Aaaargh!

*少女峰 translate literally as “Teenage Girl Summit” in Chinese


DKSH to sell Maurice Lacroix

The 15% Swiss Franc surge earlier this year, together with the slowdown of Luxury market claims another victim as DKSH, a SIX listed company, announce to sell Maurice Lacroix in order to focus more on its core brand management service.

Make no mistake, the name Lacroix  might not be on your most wanted list. But Maurice Lacroix is a true ” Manufacture d’Horlogerie” with an annual production of around 90,000 pieces. Turning out amazing retrograde complication such as this Masterpiece Lune Retrograde:maurice-lacroix-masterpiece-lune-retrograde-watch

and this very handsome GMT Retrograph which ironically is listed on

Maurice-Lacroix-Mens-MP6518-SS001-130-Master-Piece-Double-Retrograde-Automatic-Watch-L14101121 (1)

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Yes, it broke the USD $1 million mark

IMG_1888.JPGAs a follow up of the Phillips Auctions held in Geneva over the weekend, the final hammer price of the Eric Clapton’s Daytona Albino I reported earlier went through the roof! At CHF $1,325,000, it became one of only handful of Rolex’s to enter the $1Mil+ Club.


The Jasper Dial Day Date I lusted after so much went for CHF$68,750, a slight relief as it would have been too rich for my blood. Just goes to shows rare and famous timepieces are increasingly become the investment of choice as an alternative asset class.

Rest of the results are here (GLAMOROUS DAY-DATE) and here(THE GENEVA WATCH AUCTION: ONE)

Hong Kong Yesteryear

While I was wandering around during lunch, I spotted this dressed up electrical box in Kwun Tong, a once thriving industrial district comprise of mostly factories and warehouses. The headquarter of Citizen Watch and YKK flagship store are still here (look at the zipper on your jeans or jacket, I bet you will find the word YKK on at least some of them). For the past decades, we see old industrial buildings gave way to banking and financial high rise or being re-vamp to commercial purpose at a rapid rate, the name “Crocodile Shirt” or “Camel Paint” no longer reflects the business nature of its tenants.

On the electrical box is actually a reprint of a newspaper article from 5th May 1990 (exactly 25 years ago today), it tells the tale of 9 HK based watch parts supplier and manufacturer securing a HKD$0.76 million deal during their Japan business trip, with a further $1.6 mill on the discussion table.


How time have changed, thanks to the loose monetary policy of every single major central bank on the planet, the same dollar amount of business is probably only enough to meet the monthly quota of one luxury watch sales rep at Canton road. It would be interesting to know if these 9 companies are still operating today, and if so, what is their current scale? What is their current operation? Are they still based in HK or have they migrate to China, Vietnam or even Cambodia?


Apple Watch Box Opening And My Thoughts

Seems like everyone is talking about the new Apple Watch, and a friend of mine, David is among the first batch of human being on earth to receive his yesterday. He ordered both the 38mm and 42mm sport version during launch and it was the 38mm screen size that arrived yesterday morning.  To be expect from Apple, the packaging is second to none.

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TED Presented By Rolex

Kudos to Rolex for supporting the TED series, in additional to Tech, Entertainment & Design theme conference, TED has been awarding an annual prize of 1 million USD (initially at 100k in 2005) to worthy individual who “wish to change the world”. Among the reciepients were Bono, Bill Clinton and Jamie Oliver to name a few. And below is the TED prize sculpture, consisting of an aluminium sphere levitate magnetically above a wooden base. Pretty cool, isn’t it?