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Rolex Enters Affluent New Born market

The undisputed leader of Swiss watch industry and the pioneer who brought the world the first water proof dive watch, the watch that display both the Date and day of week. Rolex is to enter into new market segment which targets the affluent new born market. In a leaked product photo, the over sized watch is believed to be made with a rubber bezel with gold dust compound. This time only reference will likely to house a movement from the existing lady range. Prices TBC.

3rd International HK China Tattoo Convention

Before I write another Watches & Wonders 2015 article (yes there are more coming).  I went to the 3rd International HK China Tattoo Convention on a semi- business nature yesterday, both shows are in their 3rd year and overlap with each other, talk about a busy weekend! So far you must be wondering why am I talking about this on WWD, well, it caught me by surprise too so read on!

First, a little bit about the show, it’s organised by Gabe Shum of Freedom Tattoo, in case you don’t know who he is, remember those Chinese calligraphy on David Beckham’s torso whenever he pulls up his jersey after scoring a goal? Well, Gabe did them, so is some of the tat’s on Lebron James as well. Gabe is regarded as one of the top tattoo master in the world.  And once a year his friends and his crew from all over the world gather at the Inno Centre near Festival Walk for a wild weekend of fun, music and beer! What I did not expect was the huge number of watch lovers I met at the show, there were Rolex’s, AP, PAM everywhere, And from what I saw, the tattoo crowd certainly have great taste in watches too.

Here is Gabe, making a great entrance with a “Segway”
like scooter!

With a stunning Rolex 2 tone GMT ! (116713LN)


Scratching his ass in front of the Edwin booth, more on this later
Scratching his ass in front of the Edwin booth, more on the Edwin brand later

Davee, a traveling Polish tattoo artist, also under the Freedom Tattoo marquee. We had a brief chat and he certainly knows his watces! Here he is working on his design with a Rolex Deep Sea on Rubber B Strap!

2015-10-02 17.22.56


Sajin from Korea, very friendly during our interview, also a Rolex Fan and happy to show it!

“What was your question, Karen?”
"Look at my 11613LN!"
“Look at my 11613LN!”


And a local artist Jimmy, the Horned Bug tats on his left arm is as mean looking as his GMT (16710?).

A 16710? I can just spot the lug holes.
A 16710? I can just spot the lug holes.

An artist from Taiwan with a Bling’ed up YG Date Day, badass!

2015-10-02 17.24.50
The love handle area! Ouch!

His customer certainly share his love of Rolex too, a Two Tone Daytona:

From the sub-dial layout, I am guessing a 16523?
From the sub-dial layout, I am guessing a 16523?

You can spot Kaz Tattoo artist Edward  from 50m out, and his AP Royal Oak Chrono is just as eye-catching!

2015-10-02 17.38.45

And surprise! A watch manufacturer booth @ the Tattoo Convention.  Edwin, a Japanese Jean & fashion label has release a range of simplistic yet Retro design watches. They use Citizen Miyota quartz movements and the casing and bands are of very high quality.  You can get a free haircut at the Barber shop theme booth and chill out on the chesterfield with the rest of the Edwin crew Brian, Tony, Amy & the lovely Jane (in Pink hair).

Next time, if you are around Causeway Bay, be sure to check out their Barbershop x Watch Boutique at Haven street (near the famous pork chop bun Danish Bakery) and get a hair cut while you are at it!

You can find Jane at the Haven Street Shop @ Causeway Bay
2015-10-02 17.06.09
Buy a Comb and you get a watch for free! Can’t get a better deal than that!
2015-10-02 16.57.46
Leather dial, don’t recall another watch doing this, very original!
2015-10-02 16.57.30
Most watches are in the $1000- $1800 range, and you will be surprised by their build quality, step aside Daniel Wellington!


More highlight of the show:

2015-10-02 15.20.27 DSC02492 DSC02495 2015-10-02 16.51.15 2015-10-02 16.53.50 2015-10-02 17.30.04 2015-10-02 17.43.33 2015-10-02 17.52.15 2015-10-02 18.16.28 DSC02412 DSC02440 DSC02471 DSC02472 DSC02478 DSC02486

2015-10-02 16.48.53 2015-10-02 16.48.43

Finally, a big thank you to Samantha, Karen & Justin for the arrangement that day!

Rainbow Watches!

There are more than 26 million Facebook user who have changed their profile pic to rainbow since the US fed court rule in favor of same sex marriage in June 2015. And of the most unlikeliest of places, A homosexual-themed TV show called Rainbow Family attracts similar number of viewers (24 millions) in China since its launch in last month , despite a limited online release only.

Which makes me wonders, at what point in time did the “Happy” community claimed the Rainbow to be their totem? Is that also the reason why there are so few rainbow color designes in the watch industry? On fears that it won’t appeal to the general public?

Of the major brands, I can only recall the following:


The G-Shock Man Box which came in a little robot that sold for about USD$200 in 2010, and re-issued again in 2013. This “limited” (don’t see the actual quantity mentioned anywhere) Nakano Shirou designed piece was listed as high as USD$1000+ in some Casio forum.



Another brand famous for it’s colorful plastic watch, the Swatch “Over the Rainbow” SFZ115S designed by french artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, released in 2011, this piece is interesting because the bracelet is made up of little Murano glass bead.


Comes in an interesting crystal ball package. Pretty!


Another Swatch, “Color the sky” GS124 which is still currently available.tumblr_mutrhptiBC1siuw4no1_1280


And how can I end the article without mentioning these two babies. The Rolex 116598RBOW & 116599RBOW in yellow and white gold. Rolex actually use Rainbow in their model naming, how cool is that! When I first saw one in person, I remember my initial thought was who in their right mind would wear something like that? But boy, how wrong was I! The going rate for these have almost doubled compare to their original list price, as supply of them have long dry up even when they were still listed as catalogued item. Rumor (and very likely true) is that it was extremely costly to source those 36 perfectly colored matched diamonds to make that rainbow bezel.


But then in this year Basel2015, Rolex came up with this, not exactly a Rainbow, but the Yellow/Green/Blue diamond combination actually makes it much more wearable. I almost want one if it weren’t for the Pearl master bracelet and the diamond hour markers.


Watch meet 13th June @ the Peninsula

Sometimes a special venue brings out the special watches. Instead of our usual gathering at Tsui Wah restaurant. We moved up scale this weekend and held our watch meet at the Peninsula coffee shop. And the collection did not disappoint. We had:

A brand new Rolex Deep Blue James Cameron edition, I always thought the Rolex Deepsea was way too big, but the gradient blue dial, the first such dial for Rolex,  just makes it works. The price of this item is steadily climbing above retail, perhaps the rumor is indeed true, that it is the last run of Deepsea (black or blue) before its discontinuation in the not too distant future.




My grail watch, a Patek 5980 in blue, the best dial colour in my personal opinion. It was literately impossible to take it off my wrist. The 5980 is being replaced by the new 5990 with travel time function,  together with the recent price adjustment (reduction for HK), I was told only a very small quantity of the last white dial version is available.

Here is an interesting piece, a NOS (new old stock) Bvlgari Diagono Chrono FIFA edition from 2004. This watch is limted to 999 pcs, celebrating 100 years of FIFA, rather ironic to show up now in the midst of all the  FIFA corruption controversies.pacino-bvlgariI have always wanted a standard Chrono, the one famously wore by Al Pacino in the Michael Mann classic “Heat”.

Next we have another watch you don’t see everyday, an 18k Gold Seiko Credor,

      The skeleton watch is heavily decorated with the Imperial Seal of Japan, the Kiku hana or Chrysanthemum flower. This watch is literally fit for a King because in ancient Japan, only the Emperor was allowed to use items bearing  the full 16 Petals Kiku emblem.  The craftmanship and engraving is on par with any ultra top end Swiss/German brand, and I am talking about the like of Ap/PP/VC/Lange.  A wonderful piece with paper documenting its sale by the Kyoto Takashimaya Department store in 1996.

 A pair of Gold Rolex’s in front of my nice Mojito. A rare “Date” with a minty gold riveted bracelet and an OysterQuartz Day Date with pyramid dial, both very rare!

 A grey dial Day Date with Chinese calendar wheel.

A wonderful afternoon and thanks to Paul pulling some strings, we had a table right away on an otherwise packed Saturday afternoon.

Yes, it broke the USD $1 million mark

IMG_1888.JPGAs a follow up of the Phillips Auctions held in Geneva over the weekend, the final hammer price of the Eric Clapton’s Daytona Albino I reported earlier went through the roof! At CHF $1,325,000, it became one of only handful of Rolex’s to enter the $1Mil+ Club.


The Jasper Dial Day Date I lusted after so much went for CHF$68,750, a slight relief as it would have been too rich for my blood. Just goes to shows rare and famous timepieces are increasingly become the investment of choice as an alternative asset class.

Rest of the results are here (GLAMOROUS DAY-DATE) and here(THE GENEVA WATCH AUCTION: ONE)

Hong Kong Watch Guild Show

I love coming to the watch shows held regularly at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile, there are a number of organizers but the format is the same (yesterday show was organised by the Hong Kong Watch Auction). Here, the entire Crystal ballroom is turned into a big watch flee market, kind of reminds me of the old computer swap meet held in community town hall back in Melbourne.

2015-05-01 15.59.47Traders each get a table with a see-thru display case. Inside you will find all kind of treasures, from old Universal Geneve, AP, Lange to half a dozen Richard Mille. I kid you not, some of these display case can easily be worth 2-3 USD millions +.

2015-05-01 16.12.53Trade shows like this is where many watch traders and brokers themselves buy their watches, buyers from all over the world barter, haggle, bluff, beg and debate to get the best deal,  once the price is agreed, often by the silent exchange of numbers on a calculator, bricks of cash are pull out from backpack and deal is done on the spot. In here, whether you are a watch retailer with a Grade A store front, a business tycoon or just a beginning enthusiast, the playing field is level,  it all comes down to sharp eyes, experience and fast decision.

2015-05-01 15.59.39“Fat stack of mad cheddar!”

Like the trading floor of the NYSE or Tsukiji fish market, Its a place you have to be in to fully appreciate its energy. Instead of BoA Shares and blue-fin Tuna, the king of  all commodity here is “Rolex”, the five little English letter that is universally recognized and globally accepted, it’s not  uncommon to see many traders stock consists entirely of Rolex’s, especially for overseas merchant to  increase their chances of making a sale and recoup their travel cost, because in Hong Kong, they can be sure to quickly move Rolex’s, especially sport models in steel, as long as they are willing to take a few percentage points off.

2015-05-01 16.01.58Gold Rolex’s, the universally accepted currency.

2015-05-01 16.03.34Blue Sodalite Daytona, plenty of goodies in this treasure hunt if you look hard enough. ~HKD$130,000

2015-05-01 15.00.51Mahogany OysterQuartz, similiarly priced as standard dial version at HKD$63,000 , good value and condition.

My catch of the day, the Seiko Bullhead, the case is in absolute mint condition. Although the hands and bracelet are likely to be replacement. Still too good to pass.2015-05-02 13.34.21


Watch Meet of 25th April

Ok we admit it, we love Rolex’s. Today, with no prior co-ordination, all the members wore Rolex to our gathering. Some of them only made their appearance after much request.

2015-04-25 16.19.29A mint Explorer II 16570 with it’s younger yet bigger brother the “Big Orange Arrow” 216570.

2015-04-25 16.51.03 A stunning “Lapis” DateJust “69” Diamond. The gold dust is very evenly sprinkle  on the stunning Lapis dial.


2015-04-25 16.49.48Here it is inside its home.

2015-04-25 16.47.532015-04-25 16.27.57A purple Day Date diamond with Chinese Date and Day wheel. Rare!

Continue reading Watch Meet of 25th April

TED Presented By Rolex

Kudos to Rolex for supporting the TED series, in additional to Tech, Entertainment & Design theme conference, TED has been awarding an annual prize of 1 million USD (initially at 100k in 2005) to worthy individual who “wish to change the world”. Among the reciepients were Bono, Bill Clinton and Jamie Oliver to name a few. And below is the TED prize sculpture, consisting of an aluminium sphere levitate magnetically above a wooden base. Pretty cool, isn’t it?