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Tag Heuer x G.E.M.

What is going on at Tag Heuer? Is JC Biver trying to make it the “Tissot” of LVMH? Is business really that bad? I am all for celebrity endorsement and certainly have nothing against G.E.M. but the whole video is a little too much for my taste, I don’t even know where to begin. Come on, cutting cheese on the Jungfrau* is just, well… Cheesy.  The giant Swiss and Chinese Flag in the background? A small group of Chinese fans just happen to be  waiting for there (Are they Swiss Chinese or did Tag paid for them to go as well?). The banner in the back should have said “Don’t Crack Me up”

And the worst part? The watch that G.E.M was holding under close up at the 0:30” mark was a Quartz with Gem (sorry for the pun)! An ugly one as well. Aaaargh!

*少女峰 translate literally as “Teenage Girl Summit” in Chinese